Asheville has a food landscape that makes love to my taste buds! The Market Place on Wall St, Storm on S Lexington Ave, The Social Lounge on Broadway, Chesnut on Biltmore Ave, Mela on Lexington Ave and Avery's Hotdog cart near Pritchard Park! Never went wrong with any of these spots! Asheville is a place where they love to keep pushing the limits to what it means to process, cook and serving food means to this culinary city. Farm to table in a lot of the restaurants here. More and more eyes fall on Asheville's picture to see what's new in the kitchen. I'm lucky to be able to live here and experience the alchemy that goes on here!

Want to wet your whistle... walk 2 feet you will run into a brewery! We are up to about 19..20...They keep coming! 

Fact#345,958,793. I am a Sweet Tooth freak!!! Asheville does not help me with this. French Board Chocolate Lounge...Did you hear what I said?! French Board Chocolate Lounge Folks! All my senses are happy in their shop! The Hop Ice Cream Shops...(one sec gotta clean up some drool just thinking about their treats). They have allowed me to figure out the complicated code of how do I eat all of this to myself! Vanilla Bean and Aztec Chocolate was the key! So good and so bad!* (insert evil laughter here) If you like to throw your pinky up in the air when eating treats. Check out Karen Donatelli on Haywood downtown! It's the Fifty Shades of grey in desserts! 

 So many more to name and I have yet to go to Vortex Doughnuts yet! Arghhhh!!!!