SOUTH CAROLINA... / by Micah Mackenzie

Is my heart and home. Going to Myrtle Beach is where the little boy in me goes out and plays! It's cheesy, It's thrifty, It's beautiful, It's PERFECT to me! We all have our places that do that thing for us. This is my spot. I remember coming here as a child with my styrofoam surfboard, Ready to become the next surfing champion! 


SHIT! Ain't no waves down here! Oh well, fate had it's way with me anyway that day. My cousin Pig was 4x my size then and decided to surf himself on my board. 30 seconds 2 pieces later...My dream of surf champion was already over. No worries folks, I was going to be alright. I don't even remember being sad over it being destroyed. I do remember the water. All i could hear were the birds and the water. No one was around and it lasted forever inside my mind. The first seeds of knowing it's all connected happened there. Hmph!