GOOMBAY 2015 / by Micah Mackenzie

Goombay 2015. This year it was nice to see it getting bigger and better! I always love walking around experiencing Asheville with this unique flavor and style for a few days. This year all I planned on doing was seeing the festival from new eyes. It is one of the mini challenges I give myself on every shoot. This week's test was to 'be a tourist'. I accidentally became the Grand Marshal with one of the organizers Joe while just making sure everything worked out well in the beginning of the parade. The eternal boy scout in me! 

It was nice walking around and talking to people who are not from around but come to enjoy the days here in Asheville for the festival. Gary Roseboro, the Carolina Panthers bus driver was there! Had a nice talk with him and he gave me a cross. He said  a lot of the members on the team have he's crosses. It was kind of him to give me one. Little did he know I was giving him some of that Asheville magic to take back to Charlotte for the Panthers...They Won :)

 Love seeing my cousin Harry Darnell up on stage warming the crowd up before Doug E Fresh hit the stage. Yes, it was nice to see my little city rocking out on a beautiful day in Asheville with Mr Fresh! He killed it! 

 I look forward to next year Goombay~