LAAFF- Lexington Ave Arts and Fun Festival. / by Micah Mackenzie

Things have changed...


LAAFF with me if you will. Hands down ,to me as someone who grew up here, LAAFF is THE best festival that represents Asheville as what we are about! San Francisco has PRIDE, New Orleans has Mardi Gras and we have LAAFF. A constantly creative culture of beings! Can you imagine PRIDE without one gay,lesbian or transgender beautiful souls, No. How about Mardi Gras without Jazz music...No. Ok. Imagine LAAFF without Ashevillians dressing up and being 'normal'....No. 

Sure, I saw lots of lovely faces I have seen before and some new ones. Personally speaking, Obviously, I just wished I would've seen more of what I remember LAAFF being. Costumes, Make Up, What is That?! type memories. 

I know most of the folks that put this on and THEY WORK HARD to do so! I hope they feel good about how it all went! 
So next year I would love to see what everyone comes to LAAFF for...ASHEVILLE FREAKS!!! WE ARE AWESOME!!! Stand up or Crawl around and represent this city! There is a reason why so many eyes from all over are constantly on this city. It's our time in the spotlight for a moment! We should do it right!