The Grand Gesture~ / by Micah Mackenzie

Your childhood shapes who you are, Period. Those lessons taught with actions more so than words. A good life should be the goal of every human on this planet. Animals seem to translate this better than any human I have seen so far these travels. 

IMG_9443 copy-2.jpg

Owning ones journey is the toughest test ever created. By choice and ????? we crave the paths that have shaped us. I recently decided to hack my way through this last journey. It was a pull I have never felt before in my life. The extreme urge to go and meditate in one spot on this earth. 

Waking up in those sacred lands was something else! I slept in my car on the side off the road in a perfected patched spot on the first night. A spot where I could see a cougar or moose from about 5ft away. So yeah, scared shitless, but happy. I made it! I drove through some of south I have never dared think about. I did not regret it. I saw a inspiring vision of what would be. Rugged, Beautiful and truly fascinating with all us souls and stories. You have to live/write the story that will make you cry in the end. From such experiences that all come to an end. You have to live that life now. Hold no ill will toward any man or woman. We are a mix of cosmic soup that still stirs and creates anew and destroys you, if you let it. 

I am mightier than a mountain. When I walk the earths shakes underneath me feet. That's my attitude. I almost forgot that is what I told the child in me so long ago. So I took a journey to show that little guy the crater. Was that part of the pull to be there, yes, but not fully. When you do what you love, NOTHING will stop you from doing it. Spoken like a true artist ,right? Well Hell, I am, to the fullest in my soul. 

I saw the Sunrise and the Moonset at the same time on my first morning there at the Canyon.