A Lesson on slowing down. by Micah Mackenzie

We all have these beautiful journeys, but we all do have one thing in common. We are all so damn busy these days. From the second we wake up we all arrange our days in the matters of: rise,eat,fart,brush,dress,drive,coffee,voicemails,emails,texts,work, communicate, address, forward, meeting, edits, and repeat all versions of this before your day is done.

    Recently while heading to a shoot I realized that rush again. I see it all the time now. We talk on the phone and drive, we eat and walk to our destinations, we drink coffee as if it were the fluids running through our veins. Well this is true for some of you out there. So a friend of mine suggested I take a break from Facebook for a second. Jim Lauzon said he gave it a go and loved it.  So I said,"What the hell, I'm in!" (Pssst! If you have never been on their tour. WTF are you doing?! Lazoom Tours)

  I did it and the experience was like stepping back a few years in time. Truly refreshing and it made me realize that it is important to do absolutely nothing sometimes and that be ok. We all need days to sit in the sun, or write a poem, or do some gardening, or go on a hike, or bake a carrot cheese cake with dutch apple crumbles. A man can and will dream. So I do and did, and in this time I was gifted by being in the right place at the right time. I am inspired again on a whole new level and I can't wait to show you.  Thank you Parker J Phister. This is all because I slowed down for a second. I need to do it that way more often. Great things happen when I can see all that is around me. There are infinite possibilities if you choose to see them and make the connections.


So I'm sitting outside right now finishing up this blog post. 7 o'clock light is so nice right now. I love these long peaceful shadows it casts across everything. Slowing down feels good. 


A Story must be told... by Micah Mackenzie

It was a cold, crisp February morning. The wind blew threw me and chilled my core. I wish the sun would come closer, I needed to be warmed up a bit. A good washing would do me good. I feel dirty from all that surrounds me.



It won't be long til I'm gone...


It's always so still. The quiet, deafening. I could go for some beautiful banjo twang right about now. That would encourage my soul a bit. Life has been pure and wholesome...to say the least. It won't be long till I'm gone.

Bare naked I am, to the windows of my soul. I stand here alone, wide open for all to see, letting all the bugs in to my soul. It won't be long till I'm gone. Peace will fall on me as I fall to pieces. Oh how time has past here, near me. 

It's nice to have people over, making oneself feel useful again. It's been some time on this prolonging pursuit of the inevitable. 

I remember Ms. Abrams pressing Mr. Abrams shirt before he headed out to the market. She would stand there all day singing to any bird that caught her fetching eye. The freshest lavender trail would follow her everywhere.

My visitors were kind and reminded me of some of the best years of my life. Many holidays and shared precious moments that no others have seen the likes of. Even if it were only for a moment, it was nice to be useful and wanted again. 

Was it all a dream? I shall rest now...again...and forever. Thank You.







Special Thank You to

Whitney Diane

Anthony Bellemare

Travis McClure

I AM BLACK AND BLANC Art Show @ Izzy's on Lex by Micah Mackenzie

It's still silent...

It's still silent...

In almost every direction...I see lines. Smooth shapely gorgeous lines, chiseled strong powerful lines, crazy wobbly nonconforming lines. They are all magnificent in structure and hold tight to the colorful world in my head. 

My show at Izzy's on Lexington is about those lines. It's a simple and beautiful journey I see. 

I look forward to revealing a new series that I've been working on behind the scenes. This is a fun series for sure! Looking forward to testing new lighting and timing techniques, to paint a photo with little added editing. Look for it around April.

Bye BB&T

I want to thank Izzy's for hosting me! Everyone was comfortable and Chris is an amazing gentleman! Thanks dude! 

 I want to thank everyone who bought pieces from me! It means so much to feel respected and supported by you. It fuels me as well as other things I love. So much love and respect back to you! 


They never gave you a chance. The world of the homeless, is not a world at all. It's chaotic on the best of days. A damp spot on a rainy day, is cozy. Your cold pizza on top of the trash can, is a 5 star meal. No, the life is not something I think most people seek out, but it arrives on the doorstep. Only to escort them out of their homes into a different kind of dark matter. The ground beneath some even disappears.

In these times, even the mentally ill get sent out here. And there's barely any help to make sure they have access to needed medications. Do you know where medication can be found? In the county jail. 3 hots and a cot is the saying. Without question some will deliberately aim for the 'safety' of jail. It's "Club Med" for the homeless. All just to feel safe. 
What if you were sane and had a home, but it wasn't safe to lay your head there? What if your only option was to leave? Take a minute to put yourself in those shoes. 

The only human part I can see how I will live a beautiful life is to say, yes, as a country that boasts so much about being the best I have yet to feel for a sustained time that it is. For a moment, when 9/11 was happening we all bonded, wanting so many lives to be saved. That moment was immediately extinguished as many questions were raised regarding who did what and for what reason. The divide was clear immediately, again. During WWII a lot of Americans did not want the Jewish people to come to the US.

I see history repeating itself time and time again. And I have only been here a nano second. It's sad to see it all play out the way it does. Hence, this is why you see me happy a lot. Yes, there are things in my life now that could make me sad or depressed. I choose to have a beautiful life. I wish this for all life. If we are so powerful as a nation, why can't we do both? Seeing folks living on the streets day after day is heartbreaking. People sometimes need help in this world to make it.

For the people who say, "They will let terrorist in!"

Have you seen the news lately?



We have to figure out a way to help the world. Help people where they live.