Micah Mackenzie

This is Na'ama~ by Micah Mackenzie

 Fierce and courageous in life. I have the privilege to learn and grow with Na'ama in my studio and in beautiful settings around these sacred lands. She reminds me of an ancient queen in her youth. She is full of fire and the sun covers its eyes to gaze apon her. I can sense all the strong women and courageous warriors that have come before her when theragraphy* is happening. 

She radiates love and passion. When we first started hanging out it was because our energy knew each other before we said a word. I am so thankful for her and I look forward to seeing where she will go. Na'ama is off to NY soon to do what I have already seen she will do~She will travel the world many times over.

She was born in Goa, India. Her father, Alon, is Moroccan Israeli and her mother's name is Pamela, she is American. 

Na'ama is a citizenship of Israel and the US.

I'm thankful she trusts me and we can create anything we set out to create. 



Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.     Rumi  

Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.



Misting of Light

Misting of Light

Untouched. Nude series* by Micah Mackenzie

 I love keeping it simple.

 I love keeping it simple.

 A classic accessory for a woman is nothing~

I love transformations in a session! It’s such an integral part of what I do.

Simple = simply gorgeous.

The lines on her feet. Some of my favorite lines on a woman.

 I’ve been loving this lighting set-up lately! It’s gorgeous and super easy to do.

I wanted to create moody, flattering, dramatic and I think we accomplished that.

Lucca has the most infectious enthusiasm. About whatever she happens to be doing at the moment. She’s good energy all the time. 

Thank You Lucca for allowing me to take your portrait. Many Blessings to you!

Pushing Forward by Micah Mackenzie

All of us will experience hard choices, stressful events, and difficult situations that will impact us in one way or another for the rest of our lives.

Hard times happen. They teach us lessons, make us stronger, and give us a deeper sense of self. After all, would be sitting in the sun mean as much if you hadn’t of experienced the storm first?

After every storm there is calm, and then the sun shines. If you keep remembering that, you will make it through.

Give yourself the opportunity to feel and process every thought and emotion. This is what the experience calls for. We all know what happens if we bypass or bury our emotions. We must allow the process to happen and give ourselves the space and time to feel everything.

Now I take as much time as I can being positive. It is not easy on a daily basis,but I choose to have a happy life even when circumstances say there should be none. I am full of light and joy for each day to me is a new way to see out of the darkness. 

Rudy Aguilar Thank you for allowing me to go along with you to shoot that night in West Asheville. It is always so much fun just being around you man!


EMMA D, I'm so thankful to know you! You are a walking dream :) Look forward to creating with you again and again!

Series 'CONNECTED' Number 1 by Micah Mackenzie



I remember my grandmother taking me downtown to Woolworth's. We would sit and have a cheeseburger, fries and an ice-cold coke. Then we would shop around for bargains and I would take in all the little ol' ladies. They were all so nice and colorful. It was a pastel time in my life. That's where the love for people watching began.

My favorite person to watch was Ms. Gahniva, or that's how I remember addressing that beautiful lady. She had a gum disease that some would say had deformed her face. I thought she was unique, kind, and accepting with a child's inner sight. I did not judge her on beauty, but on how she treated me. She still outshines most people I have known and probably will know while on this earth. True story. For those who have lived in Asheville since that time, you will know this story to be true. Ms. Gahniva would walk down the street balancing a 2 liter coke bottle on her head. Seemingly, she barely noticed it was there. I always wanted a drink from that 2 liter bottle. It must be something special! She would also talk to pigeons. They would keep pace and follow her about. I never knew the language but they definitely would talk back.

We all have a beautiful story on our faces.

I see so many people I know in other people's faces. I have done this for the longest time. That connects me to them, and yet I wonder what they see. I've been told I have a doppelgänger in Charleston who I have yet to meet. I hope he is faring well after the recent storms there. 

Sometimes, the connection is fleeting, gone as I pass by. Other times, it deepens and the paths and story threads of two human strangers meet and time is changed. When I am going through a day and I start to feel it all colliding together and losing focus, I slow down and refocus. Those blurry moments are what I recognize and take time out for. This awareness in myself allows all the right steps to take place in order for me to experience someone or something new, someone or something that I haven't ever met before. Good things often come when you are open to them.

Today was such a day for me and I look forward to sharing a project I am calling, 'Connected.' Without a doubt, I see it. I have no control over not seeing it. As the simple and yet THE most impossible task if you can read, to see a word and not read it. I see the paths as they slightly collide and miss by seconds into inches. I have never seen such a lovely dance. No one knows the steps but it is all ebb and flow and we are all caught up in it.

I will sit in one spot for hours and just observe.

I will sit in one spot for hours and just observe.

I recently decided to try and capture what I see and feel is happening between all of us. Those missed encounters by mere seconds, happening every moment. The future is determined by you and those that shape it around you. 

Møniça-Theragraphy Session by Micah Mackenzie

This is Monica. I met her around 6 years ago working downtown. First impression Intelligent, lovely, feisty, strong, talented and funny. Working in the restaurant industry I rarely think on someone's life. You know, How they are doing. This lady was a sister from another Mr for sure! Time passed and I wondered how my sister was doing.  Since I last saw Monica she has had two beautiful children and is a loving and caring mother. It was nice to help pull my friend up with the help of many others in her life recently in a session.You are respected my dear! Keep your faith and your light~ Stay beautiful inside and out.

We all will know of strengths when we are at our weakest. I know the test is coming and in my life I look forward to the weakness. It comes less and less the more you realize the life you want to live. The eternal struggle of good and evil in all of us. We all know the faux faces. I choose to roam with beings looking to see themselves in a more fitting situation with everything around them. I personally have been 'destroyed and rebuilt' many times. All the while learning what to do and not to do. It is that simple. We forget as well daily. So how do you stay happy in a Mad World?

    Look for your higher power! Whatever that means to you. I live in a world that I choose. I have no time for negativity in ALL it's forms. I see it and I make a new path. 

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