Push Forward, Before Forward Pushes Back~

Small Town, Big Dreams  

From the time I start to write this til the time I finish. My mind will wander a million times! It's just the way my mind works, it never stops thinking of different ways of doing everything! To stop lights to how people treat each other. My passion for making art is one of the first thoughts I remember having. Drawing on a blank sheet and making a world from nothing. All art fascinated me! The colors, subjects and meanings behind it all~ My mother was a photographer and my father was a artist. I took that gene from both of them for sure!

 I'm a professional photographer living in Asheville NC. One of my passions in this lifetime is making Art. Born and raised in Sumter SC! Swamp Country!  Although my heart is firmly based in Asheville NC where I have lived for most of the past 25 years. Love this city!!! Was here before someone let the secret out about our small town!

As a child, I was intrigued and inspired by my mother’s photography of the natural environment. I always enjoyed tinkering with my mother's camera. I vividly remember looking through the lens for the first time. It was right in front of me but it took me to another world! Later as a self-taught artist, I explored composition, color, layering and textures through drawing, painting and almost all other forms of Art. With photography  I continue to creatively manipulate my chosen medium using a rich, multi-layered approach with a focus on portraiture and people.

I am equally comfortable taking photos in the studio or out in the real world. I Love the ability to manipulate and fine-tune a studio environment, at the same time relishing the spontaneity and freshness of an impromptu street or on-location shoot. 

 For me there has always been a strong, intuitive affinity with the visual world and my drive as an artist comes from a desire to explore and communicate with others creatively, sharing with them the unique lights inside my head. I try to look  beyond the surface of my subjects, seeing inside to what is intrinsically beautiful and empowering - this is what shines out in my photos.

Folly Beach. Where I go to recharge and connect to where I know I came from. 

Folly Beach. Where I go to recharge and connect to where I know I came from.